Real Estate Inspections

If you are buying a new home or property with a septic system, talk to your realtor about a septic inspection.  Most home inspections and home warranties do not include the septic system.   The majority of lenders require proof that the septic tank was pumped within 30 days of closing, and some require a visual inspection of the system.  These requirements are not sufficient to ensure proper septic system functioning.


Older homes often have cast iron pipes in the septic tank.  Over time cast iron corrodes and restricts the flow of waste, leading to blockages in the house plumbing.  Tree root infiltration and corrosion of distribution boxes are other causes of septic problems.  None of these can be sufficiently ruled out by "visual inspections".  Given the cost of septic repairs, spending the extra money for a thorough evaluation prior to closing the sale of a home may prevent future problems.


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