There have been several recent changes in Virginia regulations regarding the maintenance and operation of onsite sewage systems.  These changes require that owners of onsite systems provide the local department of public works with proof that their septic tanks have been pumped within the past 5 years, in compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act.  Regulations now require that all onsite sewage system maintenance, including septic pumping, be conducted by Licensed Onsite Sewage System Operators.    Additionally, owners of alternative onsite systems are required to maintain a service contract with a Licensed Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operator.  Atlee Sewage Disposal's primary technician, Francis "Bart" Frere, Jr. is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operator.


We are licensed and insured to provide the following services:


-  Septic pumping

-  Septic system inspections, including inspections for real estate transactions

-  Septic system maintenance and troubleshooting for conventional and alternative systems



Call us for an instant competitive price quote.  Septic pumping prices are based on the size of your tank.  Inspection rates are determined by the inspection detail required by your lender's underwriter.