WEATHER ALERT:  With the heavy rains we have had recently, many people are experiencing septic issues.  Several inches of rain in a short period of time will raise the groundwater table, and may raise the water table above the level of drain field trenches.  When this happens, the water will backflow into the airspace in the septic tank, slowing, or blocking flow from your house.  If you have a septic system, it is recommended that you be conservative with water use until the rain stops, and the ground dries.

It is recommended that you hold off doing laundry, take very short showers if you need to, and only flush toilets if necessary.   If you notice slow drains or gurgling in the lowest plumbing fixture in the house, stop using water, to prevent sewage from coming into the house.

Pumping a septic tank in these conditions will likely not help your situation, and may actually cause further problems.  At the very least, it will cost money you don't need to spend.  Pumping a tank with a flooded drain field in these conditions will allow the groundwater to flow back to the tank, and most likely refill the tank, putting you back into the same situation in a few hours.  Worst case, the pressure of groundwater pushing against the walls of an empty septic tank can cause leaks at the seams of the tank, or cause an older, weak tank to collapse.

Don't panic, you are definitely not the only one experiencing problems.  If the problems have just been since the rain, they should resolve themselves when the ground dries.

Be patient!  If you have concerns, feel free to call, but this is basically the same information we are giving everyone who has called under these weather conditions. 

Septic tanks filter solids from wastewater. Over time these solids accumulate, and if they are not removed periodically, they can clog the drainfield and cause sewage backups in the home. Septic pumping is the only way to remove these solids.

Atlee Sewage Disposal, LLC is a family operated business providing septic tank pumping, maintenance, and inspections in Hanover County, Virginia and surrounding counties. If you are in need of septic system service or have questions, please call us for prompt, professional service.  Our goal is to provide the best service at a reasonable price.